Marketing Coordinator

• Remote/Flexible Working (home, the park, the car if necessary) • Some office-based time and client-facing time is required • Flexible days/times

I’m a Marketing and Business Development Consultant who primarily works as an outsourced Marketing Manager for small to medium businesses. Essentially, I fill the gap for businesses who can’t afford an in-house marketing team, don’t want to work with agencies and are too busy working in the business to work on it.

The majority of my clients have been with me for many years and I’m lucky to be in a position where I can pick and choose who I work with. My clients are lovely people, with lovely families and growing businesses.

I’m a busy mum of 4 and work from a home office and visit clients as often as I need to. Over the last 6 years the business has grown and been scaled back depending on what availability I’ve had. Sometimes I’ve had a dedicated team, sometimes I’ve worked with other freelancers and I’ve been a Jill of all trades too.

My client’s businesses are now growing again and I need another creative, hardworking, easy-going and clever marketing person to join the team and help keep up with the work and service my clients.


(approx. 30 – 40 hours depending on your availability)

This role will work closely with me on one major client and implementing their inbound marketing strategy.

Think content, content, content. Brainstorming new ideas, creating and repurposing content, web updates, social media, shooting video, case studies, working with their sales and customers service teams to understand the buying and sales process, CRM, Hubspot, analytics etc. You will be focussed both the development and implementation of customer-facing content for this client.

You’ll also be doing the boring stuff too, like updating spreadsheets, tracking analytics and research tasks.

There’s a deal-breaker for this role – YOU MUST BE ABLE TO WRITE WELL. I don’t expect you to be Shakespeare or Chekov, but you must be able to write well, creatively and for different audiences.


You need to have had some experience in marketing, perhaps you’ve done an internship or have worked in-house or for an agency. If you’ve worked with WordPress websites and understand how the backend of a website functions, then that’s a huge plus. Additionally, skills in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Excel and Photoshop are a big advantage too.

If you have experience with Web Development/Coding, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or anything else that might be relevant for these roles then that would be amazing too.

I believe that people thrive in roles that give them balance. Although I expect deadlines to always be met, and client expectations to always be exceeded, I don’t care whether you work in your break at Uni, at night when the kids have gone to bed or while your car is being serviced. And as long as I know that the work has been completed to the highest standard I don’t care that you take time off to go to a school assembly or switch days around so you can take a long weekend (that’s the reason I started this business😊).

Of course, the flexibility comes with an expectation that you can expertly manage your time and be accountable for the work that you deliver. 

There is an expectation that you will be able to work from one of the client’s office in Prestons twice a week. The days in the office can be flexible. We might also have face to face time occasionally at my home office, or a cafe for lunch:)

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that it completely depends on your aptitude, abilities and how well we work together.

Of course. If there is open communication and I know what’s happening we can do whatever we need to as long as the client is happy.

$30 p/h

Yes. These are contract positions that pay $30 per hour, not PAYE positions, so you’ll need an ABN to invoice me at the end of each month in order to get paid. And without an ABN I cannot consider you for the roles advertised.

Note: if you don’t yet have an ABN – it’s free to get one and registration only takes about 15 minutes online. There are loads of official government sites etc that can help you get an ABN very quickly.
(Just Google: ‘Your ABN direct to your inbox in just 15 minutes’ – or Google: ‘Register for an Australian Business Number (ABN)’ – or Google: ‘How Much Does an ABN Cost (2019 update)’ – as they’ll help you get you to get an ABN sorted in 15 minutes (it’s a very simple online form to fill in).

I want to find the right person and while I would like to do it quickly, I will have this position open until the right person comes along. I’m also willing to negotiate start dates for the right person.

To apply:

To apply, please email with your CV and an intro.

Tell me about your skills, experience, interests, your personality and why you think this might work for you. Also give me a bit of an idea as to what availability you have, your current situation and how you can see this role working with your lifestyle.

Please also note that if you just send me a generic CV and cover letter you shouldn’t expect a reply.