Planning & Strategy.

As your business grows it is important to ensure your marketing and communications strategies are delivering results. We work with your team to evaluate current plans and identify gaps and inconsistencies that might be costing you time, money and clients.

Too often, critical marketing decisions are made without a full understanding of the competitive environment and client motivations. Putting a plan in place ensures your strategy is properly aligned with your business goals before implementing marketing campaigns. Our marketing blueprint helps you utilise internal resources to develop an integrated and results-driven approach to marketing and business development.

Our strategic planning efforts are focused around your marketing and business development goals and are meant to work in unison with your overall business plan. Our full suite of marketing consulting services complement your strategic planning efforts and don’t stop at strategy. Whether it’s gathering market intelligence before strategy through research, creating an integrated marketing plan to hit business goals, or implementing your marketing plan using our outsourced marketing team, our marketing solutions are built to help you achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, win more business, and strengthen brand reputation at every step.


Your company has its business goals set, but now needs some marketing strategies to drive your business objectives forward. Formulating a marketing strategy before diving straight in will help you get the message right and maximise marketing spend

We help you develop external and internal communication strategies that broaden reach, expand organisational impact and build solid relationships. Through close collaboration, we execute plans in support of your priority partnerships, policies and philosophies.

Marketing for B2B, technical and professional service companies is changing. We help you combine the right mix of traditional and offline tools to increase visibility and measure results.

Going after a major project? For many B2B, technical and professional service companies, RFPs, bids, tenders, EOIs are often the gateway to how your company secures new business and major contracts. Work with us to start building your RFP strategy early for better chances of being the winning bid.

New to the world of online marketing? Putting an online marketing strategy in place will ensure you are spending your budget online where it counts most.

From social media to blogs, even e-books, it can be hard to know where to start. Developing a content strategy will outline key messages and which content tools your firm can use to position itself as a go-to resource and even industry expert.


Tenders are an unfortunate necessity in our business and because we’re so busy they often get left to the last minute. Handing the over process to Two Birds has made a big difference to how we approach proposals. We stay focussed, work collaboratively and submit well considered,  high quality proposals that highlight the strengths of our business.